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Stainless Silencer with   90 DBA Sound Level (90=Lawn Mower).
Blower Silencer
Dyno-Tested Flow Advantages for Enhanced Performance
Enhanced Exhaust Flow helps reduce vacuum-robbing system backpressure.
Stainless Steel Silencer has single-tube routing and stainless mesh - 20" Long
Minimum backpressure @ 400 CFM (under 20" water)
Quiet sound on a TM running @ operating RPM
2.5" x 20" #RBR216 Stainless Silencer - $69.95 - Used on 4MP Blower TM's
3" x 20" #RBR217 Stainless Silencer - $79.95

3" IO, 6" x 36" #RBR218 Stainless Silencer - $166.95
Hi-CFM - Used on our #5MP Vac Blower System
No Flow Restiction from Corrosion

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